1929: Wellington Radio to get short-wave ability

Evening Post, 11 June 1929, p 10

Wellington Radio
Short Wave Apparatus
New Equipment Ordered

(By Telegraph.)
(Special to “The Evening Post.”)

The Postmaster-General (the Hon. J.B. Donald) today informed a “Star” representative that his Department had recently ordered from Sydney a modern- short-wave transmitting and receiving plant for erection at ZLW (the Tinakori Hill Morse station), Wellington, at a cost of £6000.

It will render obsolete the high-power spark stations at Awanui and Awarua, and effect a considerable annual saving. The transmitter will be used primarily for communicating with the Pacific (Samoa, Rarotonga, and Tonga), but it will afford an emergency means of communication with Australia and with the United Kingdom during certain hours of the day. The plant will be assembled in Sydney at the end of this month, and will be submitted to extensive efficiency tests before dispatch to the Dominion.

Mr J.R. Smith, engineer of the P and T Department’s laboratory, will proceed to Sydney for the testing operations, and he will supervise the installation of plant at Wellington. Mr Smith, while in Australia, will also investigate many radio developments in the Commonwealth in recent times, such as long-distance short-wave telephony, picture transmission, modifications in the beam system working to Canada and the United Kingdom, broadcasting technique, and extensions of the Commonwealth Post and Telegraph laboratory at Melbourne.

In connection with these and other technical problems which are common to Australia and New Zealand and upon which considerable correspondence has passed, the Hon. J.B. Donald says it will be of great value to the Dominion to have one of its higher engineering officers visiting Australia to collaborate with Commonwealth postal engineers.

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