Kaitawa ZMVC

MV Kaitawa in 1949

TSMV Kaitawa was a collier built for the Union Steam Ship Company in 1949. She carried coal from the west coast ports of Greymouth and Westport to customers such as Chelsea Sugar (Auckland), Auckland Gas Company and the cement works at Portland (south of Whangarei).

The following pictures were taken between 21 Feb and 14 Mar 1963 by Ron Moloney, Radio Officer on Kaitawa. Captions are by Roger Wincer.

Ron Moloney in radio room of Kaitawa
Ron in the Radio Officer’s traditional pose, with the pre 1964 R/O’s braid.
Second Officer Gerry Gibbs chartroom of Kaitawa
Second Officer Gerry Gibbs in the chartroom of Kaitawa
Kaitawa crossing the bar at Greymouth
Kaitawa crossing the bar at Greymouth
Kaitawa loading coal at Westport in 1963
Kaitawa loading coal at Westport in 1963. Another vessel of the same class lies astern.

Owner: Union Steam Ship Co
Builder: Henry Robb Ltd, Leith, Scotland
Launched: 1949
Gross tonnage: 2485
Propulsion: Two 5-cylinder Polar diesels
Wrecked: 1966

Surveys of MV Kaitawa, 1963-1966
Surveys of Kaitawa, 1963-1966

Kaitawa was lost with all hands near Cape Reinga on 23 May 1966.