Rarotonga Radio (Cook Islands)

Rarotonga Radio E5R was originally known as VMR, then as ZKR until 2006.

Location: 21°12′ S, 159°49′ W

Maintains continuous watch (as of Dec 2016) on:

  • VHF Ch 16
  • SSB: 2182 and 4125 kHz

Email: radiohf@telecom.co.ck
Phone: +682 29680
RCC: +682 22499


Rarotonga Radio had the callsign VMR, and operated on 300, 600 and 1700 metres.

Extract from 1922 list of wireless stations
Extract from 1922 list of wireless stations

A system of broadcasting meteorological forecasts and hurricane warnings throughout the Southern Pacific has been developed during the year by the Naval Department, and is now in operation. Radio-Apia receives meteorological reports daily from Tonga, Tahiti, Rarotonga, Fiji, Norfolk Island, New Hebrides, and New Zealand. These reports are correlated with the observations made at the Apia Observatory, and a forecast is broadcasted [sic] twice daily during the hurricane season, and once daily during the non-hurricane season.
An independent rotary discharger was installed during the year at Rarotonga with a view to increasing the transmitting efficiency of that station…
Investigations have been continued during the year on behalf of the Cook Islands Department with a view to providing suitable wireless apparatus for installation at outlying islands in the Cook Group. In this connection two 1/2 kilowatt radio-stations will shortly be erected at Aitutaki and Mangaia to act as feeder stations into Radio-Rarotonga.
– AJHR: Post & Telegraph Department, 1924*

* Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives