Audio/Video – Europe

Audio and video of maritime radio stations in the UK and Europe

United Kingdom

British Telecom Maritime Radio promotional video, c1986

QRT 500 – the end of 500kHz WT

Portishead Radio GKA/GKL

Portishead Radio in the 1960s

TV news story from the mid 1980s

Closing day, 30 April 2000

Musical tribute to Portishead Radio (includes historical photos and the demolition of the radio building)

Lands End Radio

Lands End Radio in the 1960s

Wick Radio GKR

Wick Radio in the 1960s

Rugby 16kHz VLF station

(It is suggested that you turn off of the audio, as it is not related to the video.)


St Lys Radio (1994)


Norddeich Radio DAN

Numerous recordings


Szczecin Radio SPE (1993)

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