Chatham Islands Radio

Chatham Islands Radio was a New Zealand Post & Telegraph Department wireless telegraph station which opened on 18 September 1913 and is thought to have closed on 30 August 1991 (the same date as Awarua Radio).

Location: 47°57′ S, 176°31′ W (416 miles from Wellington Radio)

VLC until 31 December 1928
ZLC until closure in 1991

Chatham Islands wireless station in 1913
Chatham Islands wireless station in 1913. Courtesy: David Smith. Click to enlarge
Chatham Islands Radio, date unknown
Chatham Islands Radio, date unknown
Chatham Islands Radio ZLC c1981
Chatham Islands Radio ZLC c1981. Photo: Tony Graham

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  1. Alex Glennie
    23 August 2012

    I wonder where the old ZLC staff records went to when the station closed in the 1990’s? Looking for any reference to flying boat operations during WW2 on the Chatham Islands. My father Charles A Glennie was attested to the RNZAF from 1942 to 1946 to assist in these operations even though employed by the Post Office. He was sent to the Flying Boat base at Mechanics Bay in Auckland for 3 mths training before commencing service on the Chathams. Any record of my father’s RNZAF attachment or Post Office would be appreciated. Thank you

    Alex Glennie

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