1911: Search on for Southland radio station site

Otago Daily Times, 3 April 1911

For the purpose of selecting a site in Southland for a high-power wireless station, Mr J Orchiston (Chief Engineer of the New Zealand Telegraph Department), in company with Captain Gardner (of the Permanent Force, New Zealand Artillery), and representatives of the Australian Wireless Ltd (which company has secured the contract for New Zealand installations) is at present in Invercargill. Contrary to expectation, a high altitude for the station is not likely to be selected as a station in the centre of an extensive area of flat lands produces the best results.

The Seaward Bush district is accordingly regarded as the most suitable site. The station will involve the erection of a steel tower, 400ft high, insulated from the ground, and weighing about 50 tons. The tower will be kept in position by hawsers attached to heavy concrete anchors, and wires resembling the ribs of an umbrella will radiate 1000ft all round it.

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