1920: New wireless station in Tonga

Evening Post, 22 January 1920, p 7


A paragraph in yesterday’s Post reported the establishment of a new wireless station at Nuku’alofa, the capital of the Tongan Group, from which the first messages were sent out in the latter part of December.

Mr JL Mulholland, New Zealand manager for Amalgamated Wireless of Australasia, Ltd, stated today that the station was equipped by his company. The set is of the 1.5 kilowatt type, and was manufactured at the company’s works in Sydney, and fitted up by its engineers.

As far as sending messages is concerned, the station is limited in range by the low power of the set, but for receiving its range is almost unlimited. It includes a triple magnifying valve receiving equipment, similar to that which in 1918 received in Australia direct messages from England.

Mr Mulholland points out that the Nuku’alofa station practically completes the wireless linking of the chief Pacific islands. There are stations at Papeeta, Rarotonga, Apia, Fiji (three), and Nuku’alofa; and westward of these the Australian Government has established numerous island stations.

The new station at Nuku’alofa, he says, offers interesting possibilities for commercial traffic and it will be interesting to see how it fares in competition with the cable services where business is regulated by the relative expense of the messages.

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