1917: Wireless for lighthouses

Poverty Bay Herald, 14 September 1917, p8


(From Our Parliamentary Reporter.)
WELLINGTON, this day.

Mr Payne asked the Minister of Marine yesterday if anything was being done in the direction of installing wireless telegraphy at our lighthouses. The member added that a new system had been invented which should be of especial value in establishing wireless communication with lighthouses.

Mr Russell replied that arrangements were made some time ago for the Post and Telegraph Department to supply particulars as to installing wireless telegraphy at Centre Island and Puysegur Point lighthouses.

Last year a telegraph engineer visited both lighthouses about the matter. At present there was a hitch about getting the necessary plant, but he hoped the difficulty would soon be got over.

As to the suggestion that there were later inventions which would make wireless more easily adaptable, if the member would acquaint him with the particulars he would be pleased to have the matter considered.