1960s: Unknown voices of Awarua Radio

The following audio was recorded by Radio New Zealand in the 1960s (exact date and circumstances unknown). Five staff members from Awarua Radio are heard speaking, but only one of the voices has been positively identified.

If you have any information about the other voices on this recording, or know anything about where or when it was recorded, please contact us!

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Here are the voices:

Unknown person 0:05 Unknown man talks about medical services via radio.

Unknown person 2:15 Unknown man talks about learning the Japanese Katikana radiotelegraph code in Wellington.
Clue: he concludes by saying he’s not a technical person.

CA Glennie of Awarua Radio ZLB 4:15 Charles A Glennie talks about the growth in small ships RT (radiotelephone) which is now 24 hrs/day.

Unknown person 6:43 Unknown man talks about copying 30 wpm broadcast from Rugby, England, etc.

Unknown person 8:55 Unknown man talks about the wreck of SS Waikouaiti at Dog Island in 1939, and how he foresees no increase in services at Awarua Radio.