1918: Wizard lighting system a success

Although this is an advertisement, it is interesting to note the reference to Awarua Radio (bolded for convenience).

Taranaki Daily News, 6 April 1918, p 2


In April, 1914, the first “Wizard” Lighting System to be used in New Zealand was installed in Messrs. Rose Bros. store at Tirau, Waikato, and after two years of continuous service Messrs. Rose Bros, sent the following report: Two years ago we had a “Wizard” Lighting System installed in our store, and a year later you fitted another “Wizard” plant in our private house. It is with great pleasure that we are able to state that your system has proved to be all that could be desired for shop and house lighting. The large Acetylene Plant which we threw out of the store when we bought the “Wizard” did not give half the light we are now getting, while the cost was three or four times greater. We have not had a moment’s trouble with the “Wizard” Lamps, and a couple of minutes every second day is all that is required to keep them in perfect order. (Signed) Rose Bros., Ltd., General Storekeepers, Tirau, Waikato.

This is only one of the hundreds of testimonials from all parts of New Zealand. Here is another one from the Government Post and Telegraph Department:

I am authorised to advise you that the “Wizard” Gas Lighting Systems installed by you at the Awarua Radio and other Stations have proved quite satisfactory to the Department. Yours faithfully, (Signed) R.P. Veitch, Acting Telegraph Engineer.

Gas Stoves, Rings, Irons, Gas Fires, and Bath Caliphonts can now be fitted and used with the “Wizard” system. All plants are guaranteed for five years. The lamps are lit with a match, automatically cleaned in half a second, while the lamps are alight, and no methylated spirits are required. Complete two light plants installed for £15. Each additional light £3 10s.

Get your name on the dotted line of an order form right now, and secure a plant for the winter months. Free booklet can be had from Mr H.H. Blake, Stanners Street, Eltham.