Sources & References


I would like to thank the following people for their generous contributions of text, photos, drawings – and occasionally corrections. Without their contributions, would not be nearly so successful.

Most of our contributors are former staff of the New Zealand Post Office radio services.

Jon Asmus
Ron Badman
Howard Bone
Ralph Boshier
Paul Burke
Tony Clark
James Coyle
Stephanie Day
Brian Donaldson
Alan Gilchrist
Alex Glennie
Tony Graham
Robert Hoeksema
Rex Johnson
David MacIntyre
Janice (Emens) McAdam
Geoff Menzies
Peter Moore
George Newlands
Ngā Taonga – New Zealand Sound Archives
Brian Rickerby
Ralph Sanson
David Smith
Alan Tuner
Chris Underwood
John Warriner
Clyde Williams
John Yaldwyn


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