Coast radio stations preserved

New Zealand: Auckland Radio ZLD – Musick Point

Canada: Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre – Cape Race, Newfoundland (reconstruction of the Marconi station that received the Titanic’s distress call)

USA: Maritime Radio Historical Society (KPH, KFS, KSM) – Pt Reyes, California

USA: WCC – North Chatham, Massachusetts

Coast station references

Coastal Radio Communications

Maritime Radio Professionals

Portishead Radio GKA

Radio Spectrum Management: Radiocommunications History in New Zealand

Ship stations and radio officers

Radio Officers Association – UK

Radio Officers –

R/O Gallery

RNZN Communicators Association

The RMS Titanic radio site

The Modern Ship’s Wireless, Shipping Wonders of the World, 10 March 1936

Current marine radio frequencies

Maritime New Zealand VHF radio channels

New Zealand Coastguard VHF channels

New Zealand Coastguard Northern Region VHF Weather channels

Recordings of maritime radio

Classic 500 kc/s radiotelegraphy from such ships as RMS Queen Mary

Amateur radio on ships

Annual on-air event: Museum Ships Weekend (held in June)

American Victory (Liberty Ship) – Tampa Bay, Florida

Lucid (Minesweeper) – Stockton, California – Amateur Radio N6MSO

New Jersey (Battleship) – Camden, New Jersey – Amateur Radio NJ2BB

Passat (4-masted barque) – Lübeck OT Priwall, Germany – Amateur Radio DL0KEG

Planet (Lightship) – Liverpool, UK – Amateur Radio GB2LBL

Queen Mary (Passenger liner) – Long Beach, California – Amateur Radio W6RO

Savannah (Nuclear powered ship) – Baltimore, Maryland – Amateur Radio K3SAV

Ship sites

New Zealand Coastal Shipping

New Zealand Maritime Record

New Zealand Maritime Museum

Maritime New Zealand

British Merchant Navy

Sea the Ships

Ships Nostalgia


Awarua Communications Museum, Awarua, New Zealand (site of Awarua Radio ZLB)

Ferrymead Post and Telegraph Society, Christchurch, New Zealand

Museum of Audiovisual Technology, Foxton, New Zealand

MOTAT (Museum of Transportation and Technology), Auckland, New Zealand


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