Radio equipment aboard HMNZS Taupo

The following equipment was fitted aboard HMNZS Taupo at the time of the sinking of the Russian cruise ship Mikhail Lermontov:

  1. VHF IMM – ICOM used for ship manouvering/harbour comms/ship handling/civil distress was preset channel driven with the normal marine civil channels i.e ch16 ch72 etc.
  2. Lifeguard N emergency distress receiver preset Freq range 500khz + or – 5khz morse/audio alarm
  3. UHF – ANARC 159 Freq 225-399.975mhz AM voice only, used for Tactical comms/military aeronautical distress
  4. HF MAIN TXR – Type 643 Freq 1.5 – 24mhz morse/voice/radio automatic teletype
  5. HF MAIN RXR – CJP Freq 100khz to 30mhz able to receive any mode within its frequency range
  6. HF Transcievers – 2 x Codans with 10 preset channels one with civilian frequency plan the other with naval plan. Voice only. Both were preset with 2182khz distress HF voice One was always tuned to 2182 the other was on naval voice channel usually 3192khz for unscheduled meetings between naval/air units and primary voice calling into Navcommsta Auckland/Waiouru.
  7. Teleprinter Transmit – B315PS tactical speed 75 bauds (100 words per minute)
  8. Teleprinter Recieve – AH11R
  9. Terminal equipment and Cryptographic components
  10. Collins VHF 20B – used for civilian aeronautical distress 121.5mhz
  11. Portables:
    • HF – Squadcall
    • UHF – Type 634
    • VHF – ICOM M5 – hand held preset channel marine transceiver.