Wellington Radio 110th anniversary

Possible Radio Reunion in Wellington circa 24th July 2021

To be updated –

There has been a proposal for a reunion of old NZPO Radio Types in Wellington in July 2021 concurrent with the 110-year anniversary of the opening of the Wellington Radio Station (on the GPO roof)[1]. Wellington Radio ZLW (then NZW) opened on 26 July 1911 at the General Post Office in central Wellington. (Note ZLW in the hill opened on October 14th 1912)[2]

Before the ad hoc organising Committee starts to decide on how or if we have an event, they desire to understand how many people would be interested in attending any possible function. Consequently, would you please indicate your interest in a function on the web page here.  Your indication of interest is not a formal ‘registration’ but your name will be passed on to the people who will be organising the registration (should an event be progressed). This is open to all NZPO Radio (and associated) folk. Not just Wellington Radio folk.

Please note that people who have been employed on “Radio Work” who were not NZPO employee’s, such as the Services (Army, Navy, Air-force), NZBS, NZBC, Other Govt Departments, Telecom, Downer, Transfield, Nokia & etcetera are just as welcome! When making an assessment of “years” in the indication of interest form below, please include Telecom, or related employment.

We envisaged that the following people may be attending: -·

  •        Radio Technicians & Mechanicians,·
  •        Engineer’s,·
  •        Radio Inspectors,·
  •        Radio Operators,·
  •        Riggers,·
  •        Wives of Radio Staff·
  •        Families of Radio Staff

The planned event could be taken over four days, covering all the ‘Wellington Radio’ parts (starting with Himatangi Radio equipment in Foxton on Thursday, Makara Radio & Radio Section on Friday, and Wellington Radio on Saturday, with a social event to be held on Saturday night) or it could be a simple one day event covering just the Tinakori  Hill (Mt Etako) (now known as Te Ahumairangi Hill) facility (should we be able to gain access), with a social function on Saturday night.

There’s no point trying to arrange a reunion, if nobody is interested, and the people showing their interest, will give us a gauge on whether to keep making arrangements, and how for how many. Do we hire a hall or a phone booth?


[1] https://maritimeradio.org/wellington-radio-zlw/1911-1919/

[2] https://maritimeradio.org/wellington-radio-zlw/1911-1919/1912-opening-new-wireless-station-tinakori-hills/

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