Shaw Savill Albion steamer Tainui
Shaw Savill Albion steamer Tainui. Date and location unknown.
Photo: David James Aldersley, Alexander Turnbull Library

A note on the back of the photo above reads:

Shaw Savill & Albion Co. 1908-39. Sold for breaking up 1939 but requisitioned by Admiralty. Became “Empire Trader” under Shaw Savill managment. Torpedoed and sunk in mid Atlantic 21/2/43.

The wireless time-signal sent from the Observatory have [sic] been received by many ships at considerable distances from New Zealand. The signals are transmitted by the Wellington Radio-station…on a wavelength of 600 metres, and are Telefunken quenched-spark signals. The type of signal sent from the Observatory consists of long dashes of about one second duration, and it is probably due to this long dash that the signal reaches so far. The longest distance reported to the Observatory was 4320 miles, for the wireless-telegraph time-signal received by the SS Tainui. The SS Waimana reported the reception of the time signal at a distance of 3638 miles.
– Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives: Department of Internal Affairs, 1922