Holmburn ZMFV

Radiotelephone aboard MV Holmburn
Radiotelephone aboard MV Holmburn ZMFV, 1964. Photo: Bill Cousins

MV Holmburn was a general cargo ship built for the Holm Shipping Company by Dutch yard Bodewes in 1957.

The ship was designed for Chatham Islands service with accommodation for 12 passengers. She also served Campbell Island, one of New Zealand’s subantarctic islands during the year when meteorological observers were based there.

In 1959, Holmburn was badly damaged by fire while docked in Lyttelton. The master and chief steward died in the fire. The accommodations were destroyed, but rebuilt.

Holmburn was transferred to Pacific Islands trades in 1968 and to Union Company management in 1972 until she was sold in 1975 to Singaporean interests.

Being a small vessel, Holmburn was not required to carry a Radio Officer or wireless telegraphy equipment.

MV Holmburn, anchored at Campbell Island
MV Holmburn at Campbell Island in November 1964. Photo: Bill Cousins

Built: 1957
Builder: N Y Bodewes Scheepswerven, Netherlands
Entered service: 1958
Gross tonnage: 845 (891 when accommodations were rebuilt after the fire)
Length: 73.3m (240.5ft) overall
Propulsion: 8-cylinder Crossley diesel, single screw
Sold to Singapore interests: 1975
Broken up: 1983 at Jurong

Aboard MV Holmburn en route Campbell Island to Wellington in November 1964
Aboard MV Holmburn en route Campbell Island to Wellington in November 1964. Bosun at the helm, 1st Mate facing the camera, and the third person is an English radio technician (one of the Campbell Island meteorological team returning from a year at Campbell Island). Photo: Bill Cousins
MV Holmburn navigation table
MV Holmburn navigation table. Photo: Bill Cousins
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