1953-1954: SS Gothic as royal yacht

TSS Gothic in white

SS Gothic in white for her role as Royal Yacht

Don Clayton, a 20-year-old Marconi radio officer from Liverpool, served aboard SS Gothic during the abandoned royal tour of Princess Elizabeth in 1952, and then during the actual tour with the new Queen Elizabeth in 1953-1954. The Chief R/O for the royal tour was Charlie Roberts and the 3rd was Don Pilgrim.

In the following interview from 2009 Don describes his experiences to ABC Hobart radio presenter Chris Wisbey, just after he had donated several items of royal yacht memorabilia to the Maritime Museum of Tasmania:


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1952: SS Gothic arrives in Melbourne after postponement of royal tour

SS Gothic ready for 1953-1954 royal tour

Queen Elizabeth aboard SS Gothic

The Queen travels from Jamaica to Panama aboard SS Gothic

The Queen travels from Panama to Suva, Fiji aboard SS Gothic

The Queen travels from Fiji to Nuku’alofa, Tonga about a flying boat

The Queen arrives in Auckland aboard SS Gothic

The Queen in New Zealand

Royal Yacht SS Gothic in Milford Sound