Dominion Monarch GRGG

Dominion Monarch on Wellington Harbour in the 1940s
Dominion Monarch on Wellington Harbour in the 1940s. Photo: William Hall Raine. Alexander Turnbull Library

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QSMV Dominion Monarch was a British passenger and refrigerated cargo liner. The unusual prefix QSMV stood for “quadruple-screw motor vessel.”

Dominion Monarch was built in England in 1937–39 for Shaw, Savill & Albion Line, and when new she set a number of records for her size and power.

Known for her speed and luxury, she operated between Britain and New Zealand via Australia in civilian service 1938–40 and 1948–62 and was a troop ship 1940–47. She spent half of 1962 in Seattle as a floating hotel for the Century 21 Exposition and was then scrapped in Japan.

Dominion Monarch regularly visited Wellington and the Chief Radio Officer always visited ZLW when the vessel was in port. There was an open invitation for station staff to visit the vessel and I did so. It was an impressive vessel; all the passenger accommodation was First Class.
Clyde Williams, operator at Wellington Radio ZLW

Dominion Monarch approaching her berth in Wellington, date unknown
Dominion Monarch approaching her berth in Wellington, date unknown. Photo courtesy Clyde Williams

My dad (Ray Allsop, Chief Technician at Wellington Radio ZLW in the 1940s and early 1950s) had several invitations to visit ships when they came into port, and one of the notable ones was Dominion Monarch (the latest in cruise ships).
– Tony Allsop

Dominion Monarch in wartime grey, 1943
Wartime grey in 1943. Alexander Turnbull Library
Gross tonnage: 27,155
Builder: Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend-on-Tyne, England
Callsign: GRGG
Entered service: 1939
Finished service: 1962
Scrapped: 1962
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