Solid Copy Certificate

If you participate in New Zealand Straight Key Night, and submit a perfect log, you may qualify for a Solid Copy Certificate.

Stations that place in the top three SKN scores, and submit a perfect log, will have a Solid Copy endorsement added to their placing certificate. Other stations that submit a perfect log will receive a separate Solid Copy Certificate.

What’s a perfect log?

It’s a log where all the details are filled in 100% correctly. That includes all the elements of the contest exchange as received from each station worked.

How will it be judged?

Each submitted log includes the exchange sent by the submitting operator. That will be used to judge the accuracy of other stations’ logs. (So please be sure you include your outgoing exchange when submitting your log.)

If submitted logs include contact with a station that does not submit a log, then the log entries will be assumed to be accurate.

Are there any other requirements?

Yes, the certificate is only available to stations that work at least five other stations during SKN.

Will winners of Solid Copy certificates be announced?

No. We don’t want to discourage anyone from submitting a log.

Are perfect logs required for contest placing?

No, all submitted logs, regardless of accuracy, will be eligible for contest placing. The Solid Copy certificate is completely separate.

Why not require perfect logs for contest placing?

The vast majority of logs received are (unfortunately) not 100% accurate. So such a rule would eliminate most stations. Also, there is no way to know whether an inaccuracy is the result of poor copying or poor sending, so it would not be fair to penalise a station. It is hoped that having this additional certificate will encourage stations to submit more accurate logs without penalising stations.


Straight Key Night is different to most CW contests in that it includes a much longer exchange of information. It is not a “5NN TU” event. Since we exchange more information, it makes sense that we should copy that information accurately. I hope this certificate will encourage us all to strive for “solid copy.”

How can I get the certificate?

Participate in SKN and make sure to log ALL of the exchange you receive from each station. Using our SKN log sheets will make it easy.

If you are not confident that you have copied something correctly, ask the other station to repeat it. If, for example, you’re not sure you got the type of key correctly, just send:


To complete your contact, you need to copy all the elements of the SKN exchange.

Questions or comments?

Please contact Neil ZL1NZ, SKN manager.