Morse Code prosigns

Unlike Morse Code abbreviations, the following signals are sent as a single character (no spacing between letters), which is indicated by an overline when written as text.

AA – Start new line (typically between lines in an address)

AR – End of message

AS – Stand by

BT – Pause; Break between sections of formal message

CT – Beginning of message, i.e. “Copy This” (also written as KA)

EEEEEEEE – Error, The correct text follows now.

IMI – I will now repeat the last word sent (typically used after an unusual or unexpected word). Also used to request a repeat of the last transmission, or as a standard question mark.

KN – Go ahead (specified station only). Can also be sent as KN (two separate characters).

SK – End of contact (also written as VA)

SN – Understood (also written as VE)

SOS – I am in distress (for emergency use only)

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