Morse Code resources

Morse equipment suppliers

Morse Express

Vibroplex – Bencher keys

Begali keys

2B Radio Parts (unfortunately ships to USA only)

W0EB dot stabiliser for Vibroplex and other semi-automatic keys

G0PNM Morse key covers

Morse telegraphy key collections & information

Sparks Telegraph Key Review (pictorial catalogue of all sorts of keys)

Telegraph Office

Tom Perera W1TP

Vibroplex Collectors Page

Magazines and newsletters about Morse Code

Society of Wireless Pioneers: Sparks Journal (quarterly issues, 1977-1986)

Morsum Magnificat (quarterly issues, 1986-2004)

QNI – Independent Newsletter for Traffic Handlers (2012-present)

Solid Copy – Newsletter of CW Ops

Rag Chew – Newsletter of Straight Key Century Club

Morse history & general

Morse Mad (lots of Morse info and links)

Telegraph Lore (landline telegraphy)

Examples of Morse Code in movies, television shows, etc.

Morse operating aids

Radiogram message forms

Video: Adjusting a Vibroplex Bug

Morse Abbreviations and Q Signals

Morse Code Operating Aids (from AC6V)

Morse organisations

New Zealand Net – a daily CW traffic net, with a fortnightly newsletter

Straight Key Century Club – an excellent Australia-based resource for Morse (CW) operators: calling frequencies, nets, on-air events and much more

Learning Morse Code

Morse Code Practice (W1AW – American Radio Relay League)

Morse Code Translator (Type in your text and hear it in Morse!)