WA (Alec) Wallace

WA (Alec) Wallace
WA (Alec) Wallace

William Alexander (Alec) Wallace
(19 Jan 1899 – 19 Jun 1994)

Worked at:

  • Awarua Radio: Joined in 1929
  • Awarua Radio: Superintendent, 4 Aug 1947 – 5 Dec 1954 (retirement)

In 1952 he succeeded in persuading the government to develop the Awarua Radio property as a working farm. A farm manager’s house was completed in 1955.

Amateur Radio:
ZL4DW in 1932
ZL4HI Awarua 1953-1956

Staff of Awarua Radio c1930
Staff of Awarua Radio c1930. Standing L-R: Unknown, E Norm Creelman, Sid G Hancox. Seated L-R: WA Wallace, AW ‘Hec’ Head (Superintendent), John Houlihan. Mr Head was Superintendent 1929-1945, Mr Wallace 1947-1954 and Mr Houlihan 1955-1958. Courtesy: Alex Glennie
Operators at Awarua Radio ZLB in August 1945
August 1945: ZLB Awarua Radio operators at work when ZLB had to handle extra traffic due to a major snowfall in Canterbury which took out landlines. Alec Wallace, who was senior supervisor, is standing near the centre of the photo. Photo courtesy Alex Glennie. Click to see staff names.