1912: No replacement for PO Spry, motor inspector

Evening Post, 22 May 1912, p 4


(By “Autos.”)

It is not apparently realised by the public that the motor bylaw, which originated about this time last year, and was actually passed, adopted, and confirmed by the City Council well over a month ago, is now ostensibly in force.

“Ostensibly” only, as no successor has yet been appointed to Mr P.O. Spry, the late motor inspector, who is now doing good work in the Post and Telegraph service as an expert on oil motors and wireless apparatus.

Without a City Motor Inspector the motor bylaw is nothing but a dead letter. Its provisions have almost been forgotten by this time, and there is no indication that the chief persons affected by it — the taximotor drivers — are visibly concerned…

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PO Spry’s proposed road safety rules