Joseph J Orchiston

Joseph Juro Orchiston

1857: Born in Aberdeen, Scotland
1862: Immigrated to New Zealand with his parents
1874: Joined NZ P&T as a cadet in January. Later that year, at just 16 years of age, he was given charge of the Hawera station.
1877: Transferred to Construction Branch, Wellington, then became acting sub-inspector of telegraphs for Wellington district, and later sub-inspector of telegraphs for Auckland district
1894: Promoted to Inspector of Telegraphs, Dunedin
1911: Promoted to Chief Telegraph Engineer at Wellington on 10 January
1918: Retired from NZ P&T on 31 March
1929: Died at his residence, Muritai, on 18 June, aged 73

In January 1911 Joseph Juro Orchiston succeeded JK Logan to become Chief Telegraph Engineer for the New Zealand Post & Telegraphs Department.

He surveyed the sites for Awanui Radio and Awarua Radio around 1910 and in 1913 was responsible for arranging the handing over of both of these high-power stations from the builders, Australasian Wireless Company, to the NZ P&T Department.

1913 Post & Telegraph Dept memo regarding the taking over of Awarua Radio

1913 Post & Telegraph Dept memo regarding the taking over of Awarua Radio, signed by J Orchiston

Obituary of Joseph Orchiston


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