Lester J Price

Worked at:

Lester Price, Manager, Chatham Islands Radio, c1982

  • Chatham Islands Radio
  • Milford Sound Radio: Operator, 1971-1972
  • Scott Base, Antarctica: Asst Postmaster/radio operator, 1972-1973
  • Awarua Radio: Supervisor
  • Chathams Radio: Manager, Jul 1981 – 1985
  • Awarua Radio: Manager, 16 Jul 1985 – 30 Aug 1991 (closure of station)

I was the last CW (Morse) operator at Milford Sound/ZMV in 1971-72. My job was to send and receive telegrams by radio for THC Milford Sound Hotel, guests and local residents who were mostly fishermen. Telegrams were routed via Awarua Radio/ZLA. By 1973 the Morse circuit was replaced by a TELEX circuit. The cable was run through Homer Tunnel but was subject to snow avalanches, slips and Kea damage. Prior to Milford Sound l did two tours of duty at Chatham Islands Radio ZLC. I was transferred to Scott Base/ZLQ (Antarctica ) by the summer of 1973. I was also the last CW operator at Scott Base, it became a TELEX via radio TOR circuit by 1974.
– Lester Price

Lester Price, ZL4PO and DV5PO
Lester Price, ZL4PO and DV5PO
Amateur Radio:
DV5PO, Borongan, Eastern Samar, Philippines