Patrick J (Pat) Columb

Patrick J Columb

Patrick Joseph Columb
Born: 8 Nov 1916 at Gore
Died: 7 Dec 1969 at Auckland

Worked at:

  • NZ P&T: from 1931
  • Awarua Radio: Radio operator
  • Chathams Radio: Superintendent, 3 June 1953 – 1957
  • Auckland Radio: Superintendent, 10 Aug 1966 until his death on 7 December 1969

Amateur Radio

ZL4PK from 1963 while in Invercargill

Awarua Radio staff, 6 Apr 1938

Awarua Radio staff, 6 Apr 1938. Seated L-R: Alec Wallace, Arthur “Hec” Head, Arnold Greaney. Standing L-R: Lou Kelly, J Burt, Fred Broom, James Dolan, Pat Columb, Joe Bell

Awarua Radio staff in 1942

Awarua Radio staff in 1942. Front: Macwilliams (with Windy the dog) and Hutchinson. Kneeling/sitting L-R: Nolan, Smith, Wakeford, Brain, Mulvihill, Bourne, Shearer. Standing L-R: Copp, Columb, Thomas, Macpherson, Barlow, Hickford, Newton, Vendt, Sparks, Pawley, Murray, Brown.

At Chatham Islands Radio in 1957

At Chatham Islands Radio in 1957, adults L-R: Pat Columb (Supt), Doug Condell, Clyde Williams, Nancy Columb and Bill Riley. Photo courtesy Clyde Williams

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