Scott Base: 1980-1992

1980-81 (w/o)

PO Tech: Robin Hodgson
Postmaster: Ian Johnstone

1981-82 (w/o)

PO Tech: Alistair Babington
Postmaster: Leo Slattery (w/o OIC)


PO Techs: Rex Johnson (w/o DOIC), Roger Silcock
Postmasters: Alan Mayes, Steve Johnson (w/o PM)
Clerical: Ruth Lineham

It was not uncommon for the NZPO to second additional staff to Scott Base during the summer to progress specific projects. They could have any specialist training required for installations, but leave the Antarctic Division-seconded staff to carry on with their designated day jobs – which were busy enough with more scientists arriving on every flight up to Christmas, then gradually departing to NZ again after Christmas.
– Rex Johnson

1983-1984 (w/o)

PO Tech: Murray Kennett
Postmaster: Ian Sayers (w/o DOIC)


PO Tech: Keith Graham
Postmaster: Leo Slattery (w/o OIC)


PO Tech: Paul Purvis, Jim O’Donoghue
Postmaster: Gavin Sanne (s), Steve Loney (w/o DOIC)

Scott Base radio room 1985-1986
Chuck Neels in the Scott Base radio room 1985-1986. At far right is a Yaesu FRG-7 general coverage receiver. [I wonder why it’s there, as it is not even close to performance of the receivers seen in earlier photos, e.g. Collins and Racal. – Ed.] Underneath the FRG-7 is what appears to be a clarifier for a remote fixed-frequency Codan receiver. Photo: Linda Harrison, Antarctica NZ


Technician: ?
Radio Service: ?

NZPO Department abolished 1 April 1987, Telecom support begins.


Telecom Tech: Paul Purves
Communications Supervisor: Alan Meek

Bruce McDonald in the Scott Base radio room 1987-1988
Bruce McDonald in the Scott Base radio room 1987-1988. Photo: Chris Rudge, Antarctica NZ
'Paul and Graham repairing radio sets' in 1987-1988
Paul and Graham repairing radio sets in 1987-1988. Photo: Antarctica NZ
Radio technician Stephen Gaye at Scott Base 1987-1988
Radio technician Stephen Gaye at Scott Base 1987-1988. Photo: Chris Rudge, Antarctica NZ


Telecom Tech: Matt Artur
Communications Supervisor: Heather Gilmore


Telecom Tech: Dave Robertson
Communications Supervisor: Alister Pringle (w/o OIC)


Telecom Techs: Helen Wills, Roy Joblin


Telecom Tech: Paul Purves
Telecom Supervisor: Bella Kara

Satellite Earth Station Built