Roviana (Solomon Islands)

Researcher Martin Hadlow writes:

On 17 August 1923, the Methodist Mission at Roviana in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (South-West Pacific) began transmissions using a telegraphy/telephony station (Marconi 1/2kw cabinet telephone set). It was reported by the operators that reports immediately came “of good reception from Auckland, Sydney, Townsville, Rabaul, Ocean Island, Nauru and Tulagi.”

Following the opening transmission, the Roviana station (“RA”) often broadcast concerts, band recitals and other programmes. Were any of these heard in Auckland and reported? I was previously told that the original Musick Point log-book for 1923 has long been lost, so it is not possible to check that source.

Do you know of any enthusiasts or researchers who might know where I might find proof that Auckland radio operators heard the first signal from Roviana in 1923? Your assistance would be appreciated.

My thesis on this subject is available here in PDF form:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Hoping you can help.

[Dec 2017]