1912: Pennant Hills wireless testing delayed

The Register (Adelaide), 28 May 1912, p 7



The Postmaster-General (Mr Frazer) was not in a position today to say when the wireless station at Pennant Hills would be landed over by the contractors, the Australasian Wireless Limited, to the Commonwealth.

After the completion of that station it was arranged that there should be a duration test, lasting three months, with the plant running 10 hours a day and also a test of distance sending. Mr Frazer said today that on May 6 he had been informed that the company was not ready for the duration tests owing to an accident to the machinery. According to a report which he had received the station was working only for two days from April 23 to May 15.

Mr Frazer is earnestly considering the matter, as he is anxious that the wireless policy of the Commonwealth should not be further delayed.

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