1912: Pennant Hills station behind schedule

Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 1912, p 8



Strained relations appear to exist between the Postmaster-General (Mr Frazer) and the Australasian Wireless Company, the contractor for the erection of the Pennant Hills station. The contract time is overdue and tests have not yet been made to the satisfaction of the Federal Government.

Discussing the matter, Mr Frazer said that the work of the Commonwealth expert, Mr Balsillie, had been criticised in Sydney, and statements had been made that the Australian Wireless Company could erect a station similar to that in Melbourne in a week.

“My answer,” said the Minister, “is to ask will the Australian Wireless Company, in the interests of the development of the great science of radio telegraphs, finish the station at Pennant Hills? With regard to the company’s station at the Hotel Australia in Sydney, I admit that freak ranges of about three thousand miles have been achieved, but anyone with a knowledge of wireless will be aware that such are obtainable. It is said that the Pennant Hills station works accurately with Wellington and Fremantle every night, but this statement is not corroborated by the observations made at the Melbourne and Hobart stations.”

It has already been announced that the Postmaster General has given three months’ notice to the Australasian Wireless Company of his intention to cancel its license to send messages from the Hotel Australia station in Sydney.

If the Pennant Hills station be not available to tho Government at the expiration of the three months the Minister declares that he will erect in Sydney a station similar to that in Melbourne.