1911: Contractor testing Pennant Hills station

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 25 November 1911, p 21


Sydney, November 24.

When asked today for a statement regarding the allegations made by the Postmaster-General (Mr Frazer) that the tests made at the Pennant Hills wireless station had not been sufficiently satisfactory to justify the acceptance of the contract, Mr JH Forrest, secretary and general manager of the Australasian Wireless Company, said his company had not yet notified the Postmaster-General that the station was ready for official tests, or that it was ready for delivery under the terms of their agreement.

The preliminary tests now being made by the company’s engineer were only for the purpose of enabling any necessary adjustments to be made, and were hot in any way intended as official tests. When his company was ready the department would be officially notified. The time of completion allowed under the agreement had not yet elapsed.

With regard to a statement, also made by Mr Frazer, that the company would not proceed with the work on the Fremantle station until the Pennant Hills station had been completed and accepted, Mr Forrest said the Minister was most inaccurate, as mechanics had been employed on the works at Fremantle for some time, and work was proceeding rapidly. The steel mast being erected was now over 300 ft. high, and as soon as the company’s engineer at Pennant Hills had notified the company that he was satisfied with the running of the plant the Postmaster-General would be notified that the plant was ready for the official tests.

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