1914: Samoa receives news via wireless

Poverty Bay Herald, 2 September 1914, p 2

Officers of the American mail steamer received a surprise when, going ashore at Pago Pago, American Samoa, on the last visit of the Ventura, to find posted in conspicuous places about the naval station a very complete resume of important events throughout the world, despatched from Honolulu with [sic] a few hours from the time of their occurrence.

The new wireless station at Apia is pronounced by steamship men to be one of the most powerful in the Pacific. The Ventura is said to have been unable to get into communication with its transmitters.

The radio station at Pago Pago, while of less strength, is said to have been in constant communication each night with Honolulu. The officers also state that they have on several occasions “talked” with Alaska.

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