Niue Radio

The wireless station at Niue began operation on 2 October 1924.


A radio-telephone station is proposed for Niue Island as a feeder into Radio-Apia.
– AJHR, Post & Telegraph Department, 1924*


In accordance with the policy of the Government to push on with the policy of linking up the remoter islands in the Cook Group by radio, the station at Niue has now been opened for traffic. This is the third of the Cook Islands to be connected with wireless during the past four months, Aitutaki having been connected up in June, and Mangaia in August.
The Resident Commissioner at Niue today forwarded the following radio message to the Hon Sir Maui Pomare (Minister in Charge of the Cook Islands):
“Radio opens traffic today. People desire thank New Zealand, ending long isolation. – Morris.”
Sir Maui Pomare replied as follows:
“Resident Commissioner, Niue. – Delighted. New Zealand shares with you in feeling of satisfaction that Niue’s isolation ended, and outpost now linked up with outside world. Feel sure radio augurs well for future prosperity Niue. Please accept and convey to members of Island Council greetings from myself and department. Kia ora. – M Pomare.” 1


* Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives
1. Evening Post, 2 Oct 1924