Kahurangi Point Lighthouse

Kahurangi Point Lighthouse stands on the northern end of the Karamea Bight on the northwestern tip of the South Island of New Zealand.

Location: 40°47′30.1″ S, 172°13′01.4″ E
Elevation: 47 metres above sea level
Construction: cast iron tower
Tower height: 18 metres
Light configuration: flashing LED beacon
Light flash character: white light flashing twice every 15 seconds
Power source: batteries charged by solar panels
Range: 9 nautical miles (16 kilometres)
Date light first lit: 1903
Automated: 1926
Demanned: 1960

1963 video:

Kahurangi Point Lighthouse
Kahurangi Point Lighthouse, as it is today. Photo: Maritime New Zealand

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