1913: Materials arriving

New Zealand Herald, 15 September 1913, p 10

Professor Hirsch and his builders are about to commence the transportation of 1200 tons of ironwork, cement, and other materials to the new wireless station on the hills, five and a half miles south-west of Apia. Nearly all of the material has arrived.

The three masts* will stand nearly 400 ft high and the operators expect to be able to send messages to Sydney on favourable occasions.

The efforts of the Imperial Government, to put Samoa into quick communication with the world outside are very much appreciated by the Island residents, who are also about to have their telephone service extended along the coast for 20 miles to the westward.

* The reference to three masts requires further investigation. Comparable Telefunken stations had only one 394 ft mast plus much shorter poles. Moreover, photos of the station indeed show a single mast.
– Ed.