Below are a few examples of distress situations involving ships sailing to/from New Zealand. In addition, detailed descriptions of other incidents can be found in the dedicated subpages of this section.

1975: Freighter Capitaine Bougainville destroyed in fire off Whananaki

1968: Coastal freighter Maranui sinks off Coromandel Peninsula – 9 dead

1966: Collier Kaitawa sinks 15km SW of Cape Reinga – 29 dead, no survivors

1947: Passenger liner Wangangella hits Barrett Reef – All rescued

1940: Freighter Turakina sunk by German raider – 36 dead

1940: Liner Rangitane torpedoed and sunk near Emirau Island – 15 dead

1940: Niagara hits German mine and sinks – All rescued

1931: Yacht Windward lost at sea

1919: Steamer Kahu beached at Whangaroa, Chatham Islands

1918: Barque Aryan burned at sea

1918: Wimmera hits German mine and sinks – 26 dead

1914: Castaways from schooner Eldorado rescued at Easter Island

1914: Steamer Himatangi loses propeller after hitting rock at Chatham Islands