Chathams Radio Staff

List of staff at Chatham Islands Radio ZLC, from the 75th Anniversary Scrapbook – 1988

ZLC staff list

ZLC staff list

ZLC staff list


I think corrections are required between the names D Condell and K Holt. There were at least two Shearers working in radio around that time. One was Dave Shearer, Radio Technician (working at ZLW/Makara) and the other was Dave Shearer (Supervisor, Room 53) Neither of them were anywhere near ZLC in 1958.
Enter me arriving at the Chathams 15.12.56 and leaving there on or about 12.5.1958 based on Dave Smith’s arrival (he relieved me) – thus:
D Condell: 3. 7. 1956 – 14.11.58
R C Williams: 15. 12. 1956 – ?. 5. 1958
D C Smith: 12. 5. 1958 – 4. 2. 1959

– Clyde Williams

JK (Bill) Riley was an operator c1947-1949, during which time he married Noelene on the Chathams. According to electoral rolls, they lived in Karori in 1949. They returned to the Chathams in 1952 and stayed until approximately 1958, during which time Bill was again an operator at ZLC.

I’m pretty sure Ken Wyatt was appointed a supervisor after AP Meek left.

M James refers to MJ Haurua. When he joined the PO the recruiting guy said Haurua was difficult to pronounce so suggested he use his second name, James, as his surname.

NRD Marshall says 14.2.1979 to 14.8.1978. Probably a typo. Likely departed 14.8.1979.

– Paul Burke (Mar 2019)


JU (John) BonischJU (Jack) Bonisch

Paul D BurkePaul D Burke

Patrick J ColumbPatrick J Columb

JL DaviesJohn L Davies

Les Elliston, manager of Awanui RadioLJ (Les) Elliston

CA Glennie of Awarua Radio ZLBCharles Alan Glennie

Tony Graham at ZLC in 1982Tony Graham

James Henry HamptonJames Henry Hampton

Dennis E HoranDennis E Horan

GW Marston, radio operatorGeorge W Marston

Alf PellowAlf Pellow

Lester Price, Manager, Chatham Islands Radio, c1982Lester J Price

JF (Jack) RyanJF (Jack) Ryan

LH (Les) SteeleLH (Les) Steel

Ralph Stanley WheelerRalph S Wheeler

WFC (Frank) WhitemanWFC (Frank) Whiteman

R Clyde Williams, radio operator, 1957R Clyde Williams
“I arrived by flying boat on 15 December 1956. The following day Prince Phillip aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia arrived at the Chathams Islands. He only stayed one day and I stayed 513 days.”

ALM WllisALM Willis

4 Responses to Chathams Radio Staff

  1. Robert Arthur Gibson (Titch) says:

    Just come to the website looking at Gothic fire, had an uncle who was electrical officer on her. I did a couple of stints at ZLC first was 6 months from may to November??? 1969 and 6 – 9 months ish?? ending september 1973 I also did a couple of relief spells and a non-work visit some time up to 1982?? also very”ish”

  2. Peter Huitson says:

    When I was at the Post Office Radio Training School at Trentham in 1970, Irwin Smith was the chief tutor. Could have been the same chap.

  3. Clyde Williams says:

    Brain explosion. The operator I relieved at ZLC Dec 1956 Irwin (Smith)? I had never heard of him before I arrived and I cannot recall ever hearing of him again. Where did he end up?

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