1934: Wind power for Chatham Islands Radio

Ellesmere Guardian, 29 May 1934, p 2



One hears much these days of radio stations being “on the air,” but in a short time the Post and Telegraph Department may be able to claim that not only is its Chatham Islands station “on the air,” but also “from the air.”

It was reported by a Wellington newspaper that a special thirty-two-volt wind-driven plant is being installed at the Chathams capable of deriving all its power from the winds of heaven. Not only does this save transporting petrol from New Zealand, but it means that in case of emergency the station would be self-contained.

Although it is understood that the work of erection is proceeding according to plan, the station, which, of course, normally transmits morse only, will not be put into use until a special double-wound generator has been installed to supply power at suitable voltages from the reserve of electricity stored by the wind in secondary batteries. The prime mover is a specially designed high-speed propeller-driven plant coupled to a special type of generator.

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