2015: Update on the new Awanui Radio ZLA

The “new” Awanui Radio ZLA uses HF frequencies in the 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 22 MHz ranges for digital marine radio communications, as part of a network of 24 stations worldwide.

The four licences, which are currently valid until August 2016, are held by Globe Wireless (New Zealand) Ltd, although Globe Wireless (the US company) was acquired by Inmarsat in December 2013 and now uses that name.

From the company’s website:

Globe Wireless’ Maritime Digital Radio Network is comprised of 24 radio stations strategically located to provide world-wide coverage. Globe Wireless provides vessels at sea a truly global message and data delivery network. With a true always-on connection, messages are sent and received in near real-time, at much lower rates than using traditional satellite connections.

Globe Wireless also uses the Maritime Digital Radio Network to enhance our renowned satellite data transfer protocol. Using the advanced digital HF network, ships are immediately paged when large files or attachments are waiting ashore reducing the need to connect without knowing if there is traffic waiting.