1995: Awanui ZLA returns

From Worldwide Ute News – a newsletter dealing with utility stations, July 1996

Awanui Radio, call sign ZLA, is a new coastal radio station constructed by Globe Wireless in 1995. It is located on the north island of New Zealand, in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Operation of the station is controlled from Globe Wireless headquarters in California.

The transmitter installation is located at a historical radio site on Wireless Road, between Kaitaia and Awanui, in the North Island. Commissioned in 1913 “Radio Awanui was New Zealand’s main station for communications with ships,” according to information provided by the Far North Regional Museum in Kaitaia, New Zealand. A Telefunken quenched spark system was used for transmission.

The original station was dismantled in 1930 and the area has been used for farming since then.

The call sign used by the original station, ZLA, is once again in use.

Transmit site

The ZLA transmit site is located near Awanui, New Zealand. The Latitude is 30 degrees, 00 minutes South; the Longitude is 175 degrees, 00 mins West.

[More precisely, and according the their licence, the location is Latitude -35.0823362, Longitude 173.2418233. – Ed]

Eight Henry two kilowatt transmitters are in use for SITOR service on HF. The antennas are individual omni-directional vertical arrays for each marine band in use.

Receive site

The receivers for ZLA are also located near Awanui, New Zealand, about ten miles from the transmit site. The shared antenna is an omni-directional discone. The receivers in use are TCI 8074.