Radio Section staff in 1937

Compiled by Chris Underwood

In Charge of Section

Radio Engineer Mr EHR Green (his office was on the Whitmore/Stout St corner)

Engineering Staff

(in the “Big Room” facing Stout St)
Tom Clarkson
George Searle (joined the section in 1936)
Peter E Suckling (possibly joined in 1937 but more likely in 1938/39)
J Pybus
RJ Meek (short time only in 1936 or 1937)
Frank Whiteman
C Peroy Hill

Radio Inspectors

(in room facing Whitmore St)
Les Steel
Andy Buchanan
Sam Heginbothom
George Marston
Herb Cassey

Mechanicians (later called technicians)

(in room at rear)
Roy Schdroski (In Charge)
Merv Parsons (Wellington Radio)
Bill Macauly1 (Wellington Radio)
Jack Hogan

Junior Mechanicians

Bill Flaunty (accidentally killed on road while going to Mt Crawford Receiving Station)
Sefton Emmett

Clerical Staff

(in room facing Whitmore St)
Clarrie Edwards (Supervisor)
Bill Leask
Wally Bain
Ian Shearer (Message Boy)
R Jamieson (Records Clerk)


Miss Jones
Miss West


1. Macaully left the Section c1938 and joined commercial Station 2ZB but later re-joined the Post Office at Dunedin Radio Depot.

For more information, see Radio Section history, part 1.