2018 Commemorations


1968 was a tragic year for New Zealand shipping, with the loss of the ferry Wahine and the grain ship Maranui plus a fire at sea aboard the liner Gothic. Sixty-seven people died in these events, but many lives were saved through remarkable feats of seamanship and heroism.

Fifty years later, these disasters will be commemorated by three amateur radio special callsigns, each one in operation for a month during 2018 as outlined below. Operations will be based at ZL1NZ Auckland.

TEV WahineApril 2018

ZM50GW will commemorate the sinking of TEV Wahine ZMGW, with the loss of 51 lives (two others died later from injuries).

> Read about Wahine and her radio officer Bob Lyver

MV MaranuiJune 2018

ZM50LA will commemorate the sinking of MV Maranui ZMLA, with the loss of nine crew.

> Read about the Maranui disaster

SS GothicAugust 2018

ZM50MAUQ will commemorate the fire aboard SS Gothic which killed seven people, and the heroic effort to save the ship.

> Read about the Gothic fire


Bands/modes: 80m, 40m and 20m – CW and SSB

Times: Weekday evenings, weekend days, covering every day of the month

QSL cards

In September, a single QSL card will be provided to each station that has contacted one or more of the special event stations and requested a QSL card.

This single QSL card will show details of the contact(s) with each of the three special event stations.

You can request a QST card for contacts with any of the three stations via Club Log’s OQRS system. You only need to put in one request, we will check your callsign against the logs of all 3 stations.

The online logbooks are available on each station’s page:
ZM50GW: log book open now
ZM50LA: log book open now
ZM50MAUQ: log will open in August 2018