1924: Government steamer tests radio direction-finding

Auckland Weekly News, 5 June 1924, p 39

Auckland Weekly News, 5 June 1924
Auckland Weekly News, 5 June 1924. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries
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Navigation by wireless successfully carried out at Auckland.

First public demonstration in New Zealand of Radio Direction-Finding.

In ideal weather for the particular work in hand, the New Zealand Government steamer Tutanekai left Auckland for a demonstration with her radio direction-finding apparatus on May 28. From every point of view the demonstration was an unqualified success, the ship being navigated to Tiri through dense fog, and, thanks to her apparatus, making a perfect land-fall. The experiment was conducted and fully explained to those present by Captain G Hooper, the nautical adviser to the Marine Department.


  1. The steamer Tutanekai
  2. Captain J Bollons, master of the Tutanekai (right) and Mr WF McCallum
  3. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Harbour Board, Merchant Service Guild, and others who were present
  4. Tiritiri Lighthouse, showing the temporary wireless station from which the direction signals were se
  5. Captain RM Cliffe
  6. Staff at the Tiritiri Station
  7. Aerials on top of the Tutanekai’s wheelhouse
  8. Captain Hammond (left) and Mr AG Lunn inspecting the aerials
  9. The Tutenakai’s apparatus in the wheelhouse
  10. The direction-finder in use on the steamer
  11. The vessel makes Tiri, navigated through the fog by the new method

– Staff Photographer