1920 – 1929

Details of New Zealand wireless stations, 1922 yearbook

Details of New Zealand wireless stations, 1922 yearbook. Click to enlarge.

1923: Portable radio tests in Wellington

1925: In August, Puysegur Point lighthouse gets radio apparatus to communicate with Awarua Radio. A previous telegraph line had proved difficult to maintain.

1926: Ships limit 450m use to reduce interference with broadcasting stations

1927: In November, New Zealand was represented by A Gibbs at the International Radiotelegraph Convention in Washington. This convention agreed, among other things, to allocate the callsign range ZKA-ZMZ to New Zealand. Following ratification, the convention went into effect on 1 January 1929.

1929: The Washington Convention went into effect, and New Zealand radio stations changed from callsigns beginning with the letter V to callsigns beginning with Z.

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