New Zealand radio communications

Welcome to, where you’ll find the stories of New Zealand’s coast radio stations, also known as marine radio or maritime radio stations. Several such stations once operated from around New Zealand, but now they have all been replaced by a single station in the middle of the North Island, controlled from the capital, Wellington.

One former station, ZLD Auckland Radio, has been preserved by an enthusiastic group of “ham radio” operators, while others live on in memories only. This website aims to enhance those memories in words, photos and recordings. The aim is to have a section for each of the silent stations, and contributions of documentary material are most welcome.

The most extensive section of this site relates to Awarua Radio ZLB. The material in the ZLB section comes from a website created by the late Alan Gilchrist ZL4PZ. When Alan decided that he could no longer maintain the site due to failing health, he kindly allowed me to republish his material here, where I trust it will be available for many years to come.

Alan’s information came largely from Alex Glennie ZL4ACG, whose father was an operator at ZLB, so thanks also to Alex for his cooperation and assistance with this project (and for the photos at the top of this page – that’s his dad, Charles Alan Glennie, pictured at the microphone).

With the ZLB pages now republished on this site, and the Auckland Radio ZLD content well covered at (another site I operate), it’s time to focus on Chathams Radio ZLC and Wellington Radio ZLW.

Your feedback – and any contributions of information or photographs – are much appreciated.

Thank you and 73,
Neil Sanderson ZL1NZ